Brad Hoopes - CEO

In the Real Estate market of today, people buying homes and those buying businesses are faced with complex real estate contracts that require careful assessments to safeguard the transaction and future ownership of the property. Since 1988, when I founded National Settlement Services in Northern Virginia, I have been serving the Real Estate community with a career focus on simplifying one of the most complicated parts of the real estate transaction, confirming "proper" title. 
Plus, I have surrounded myself with a staff of like-minded professionals who have a detailed understanding of this involved process and a passion for being enjoyable to work with. You can count on all of us to be responsive, understanding, and affordable. We will go to any means to ensure a successful stress-free transaction.
If you could use someone to simplify your real estate transaction – give me a call ☛ (703) 354-9677 or email me your questions ☛ I would love to connect and will help any way I can!