Tina Hoffman 

Tina Hoffman is a Closing Agent who has worked closely with Lenders and Real Estate Agents for over 18 years.  She has a passion for the business that shows her customers just how much she cares about all their concerns throughout the refinancing, purchase process.

Tina has successfully made closing day for thousands of people a joyful experience.  She travels to various locations to accommodate the needs of homeowners on settlement day, making it not only an enjoyable but a convenient experience.

The bottom line, the most important thing is YOU!  We know it can be quite the process getting to the table, her advice is "Don't be discouraged, it's often the last key in the bunch that opens the Lock."

Please feel free to Contact Tina at 571-233-5520 (cell) or at Settle@natsett.com


"We contacted National Settlement Services to assist with our remote closing for a home we were purchasing in Portland, Maine. Tina Hoffman from NSS was assigned to assist us with our closing. WOW!! I cannot begin to describe the appreciation and respect we have for the hoops Tina was willing to jump through to make sure our closing went smoothly. After a series of missteps from the title company in Maine, Tina's experience and perseverance came through for us in a BIG WAY. You can imagine the stress of trying to close on a property 600 miles away...we felt like we had no control and it looked like things were going to be delayed, which would have been a big problem for us (movers were scheduled, it was 3 days to Christmas, etc.) Long story short, Tina lit a fire under the team and got the deal completed on time. She came to our house (which was literally being packed up by the movers) and walked us through that last critical step. Her professionalism and customer service was SECOND TO NONE, in our experience with real estate transactions. Tina, we won't forget what you did for us...and by the way, we love our new house in Maine. Thanks for making it happen!! -Jake and Caroline P.